• Size:60x180cm / 24″x72″ – Worn on neck
  • Acrylic imitation wool Tallit with dark pink and gold stripes
  • Certified 100% kosher.
  • AVAILABLE. Ships in 2 business days
  • Standard white kosher tzitzit tied on the 4 corners
  • Decorative tallit blessing on atarah (neckband)
  • Comes in plastic slipcase with attached original tag


Talitania, the internationally-recognized manufacturer of Tallitot, presents a tallit made of acrylic. It is light and comfortable and has been warmly welcomed by those who find it difficult to wear a 100% wool tallit.

In addition, there are accessory items including tallit clips, Kippah, tallit bag. If you wish, we will embroider your name. The tallit has perfectly kosher tzizit but they can be replaced with upgraded quality tzizit. The chart lists the various options available.